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Information bulletin
Newly hired: Landscape Engineer

Job Title: Landscape Engineer

薪资:15 -30/

Job Description:

1More than five years of work experience in construction enterprises, engaged in the construction management of landscape and greening engineering projects, with strong project overall management, construction organization, coordination and communication skills。

2Be able to accept the arrangement of the nationwide work area and adapt to travel。

3Hold landscaping intermediate engineer or senior engineer certificate, college degree or above, professional equivalent or similar。

4Have a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit。


Applicants with any of the following qualifications are preferred:

1, with water conservancy, municipal, housing construction, port and navigation, highway, construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, one or more professional grade I construction engineer certificate is preferred。

2, holding Shanghai gardensBWitness first。

Job responsibilities: Responsible for the construction management of engineering projects。

Excellent conditions can break through the corresponding standards。
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