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Classical engineering
Dianshan Lake flood control levee and lakeside ecological restoration project
    The project is located in Dianshanhu New Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai. The purpose of the project is to carry out ecological restoration of the water system around Dianshanhu New Town (Dianpu River ~ boundary river), improve the ability of Dianshanhu levee to prevent flood and withstand wind and waves, ensure the flood control safety of the area, and improve the water environment of Dianshan Lake and the surrounding area。
    The main construction projects include:
    1. New and strengthened levees 4131m;
    2. New pump gate 1, water gate 3;
    3, the construction of Binhu Road and bridge project (road area 28166.31m2;1470mx8m bridge 1, etc.);
    4, ecological dredging area 940254m2(earthwork volume 34.28万m3);
    5, the construction of ecological wetlands (soil pile, revetment, riprap wet embankment, trestle, landscape, etc.);
    6. Greening project 293219.58m2 (ground greening 204454.58m2, slope grass greening 40327m2, aquatic plants 48438m2);
    7. Demolish and build 1 harbor pier, etc。
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